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2020 Bahrain Grand Prix - Friday

Lewis Hamilton

It felt great to get back out on the track, I just love driving this car. Today felt a bit more like a test day though as we didn’t get to do a lot of qualifying style laps, instead it was a lot of discovery on next year’s tyres. This track works the tyres completely differently compared to the last race in Turkey, it’s a night and day difference.

Valtteri Bottas

It was more challenging in the first session and I expect it’ll be the same tomorrow because the track temperatures are higher at that time and there’s more wind as well. Both sessions were slightly messy with traffic and a few mistakes here and there, so there’s certainly more to come. It’s tricky to say where we are competitively as we ran a different programme to everyone else, focusing on the new Pirelli tyres. I think Red Bull are certainly up there, they looked pretty good in FP2. The main challenge in Bahrain is always overheating of the tyres, something we haven’t had for a few races, so we need to adapt our different driving style accordingly.

Andrew Shovlin

We’ve not yet had time to go through the data, but we’ve managed to do what we had planned, so hopefully that will give us some useful learning ahead of next season. In contrast, we’re a bit behind compared to where we’d normally like to be regarding the race on Sunday, in part because we’ve not spent as long as normal tuning the car balance, but also because we’ve not done as extensive a long run programme as is normal. We’ve definitely got more to come both on single lap and on the long run as we are not in a great place with the car balance yet, but we’ve still got a bit of track time tomorrow to work on that.

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