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Mitsubishi Fuso premieres the new light-duty Canter truck in Japan

The new Canter is the first light-duty truck in Japan to come standard with the advanced safety feature Active Sideguard Assist®**. Active Sideguard Assist detects pedestrians or other vehicles on the left side of the truck through radar sensors. The installment of Active Sideguard Assist in this new Canter means all truck models available in the Japanese market now come with the feature.

The new Canter also features a redesigned face that combines historical brand design cues, an agility reflective of light-duty transport, and a “Modern and Solid” concept. The upgrade of the cab exterior also reflects FUSO’s Black Belt design identity, which runs through other vehicles in the Japanese product range.

ASA: Active Sideguard Assist®

ASA is a safety device that monitors the driver’s blind spot on the left side of the vehicle through radar. The ASA system warns the driver with an alert signal and lamps whenever it detects any risks while the driver is steering to the left or is giving a left-turn signal.

AEBS: Advanced Emergency Braking System

Through a millimeter-wave radar installed on the front bumper, the AEBS detects vehicles and stationary pedestrians and warns the driver of a possible collision on the road ahead. When the risk of a collision grows, it system applies the brakes automatically, thereby helping avoid collisions and mitigate the level of potential damage.

LDWS: Lane Departure Warning System

When a vehicle departs from its lane without giving a directional signal on a freeway, for instance, its white lane recognition camera detects the deviation, urging the driver to drive safely with warning sounds and notifications on the Ivis* (multi-information system).

The Truckonnect® service allows customers to check real-time vehicle information such as location, operating route, as well as the status of issues such as vehicle breakdowns. It also allows real-time monitoring of driver safety, while supporting customer efficiency both in terms of daily operations and fuel savings through features such as the digital tachograph.

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