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Vehicle tool kit: Mercedes-Benz Museum Inside No. 17/2020

160 vehicles and a total of 1,500 exhibits are showcased in the varied permanent collection at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The “33 Extras” are a particular highlight: they can bring the history of personal mobility and motoring culture to life using details that are often surprising. The Mercedes-Benz Museum Inside newsletter series draws attention to the “33 Extras” and focuses on their background stories.

17/33: Vehicle tool kit

1 – Auxiliary tools: Hand on heart – where is the vehicle tool kit kept in your own vehicle? Many of us need to think about that one first, also in terms of whether the vehicle even comes with tools – and what they are good for in the event of a breakdown.

The equipment was extensive – and tools were always at hand. Sometimes special holders in the luggage compartment made sure this was the case. For instance, these holders were installed in the W 108 and W 109 model series luxury saloons. In said vehicles the fabric bag containing the vehicle tool kit was hung on the wheel spanner for storage. And Fritz Nallinger, Member of the Board of Management between 1941 and 1965 of what used to be Daimler-Benz AG, had vivid memories of the tool kit in his parents’ car.

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