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2020 Eifel Grand Prix - Sunday

Lewis Hamilton

It’s tough to put what this means into words. I remember watching Michael winning all those races when I was a kid and playing racing games with my brother and choosing to play as Michael. It was beyond my wildest dreams to be equalling his number of race wins and it just shows that dreams can come true. In terms of the race itself, it was tough out there. I had a really good start and Valtteri did an amazing job to defend into Turn 2, I wouldn’t expect it to be any other way. I managed to build a good gap after that, but then the Safety Car came out.

Valtteri Bottas

It’s a frustrating way to finish a race, it was really good fun until I started to lose power during the Virtual Safety Car. The start and the battle with Lewis through the first couple of corners was nice, there was no way I was going to make it easy for him. The new tyres were starting to feel pretty good and I was hopeful I could have potentially undercut. But then it was quite a big loss of power – something wrong with the Power Unit. I went around for a couple of laps to see if it recovered but there was nothing else we could do.

Toto Wolff

Congratulations to Lewis on the victory today and for equalling Michael’s record for most F1 wins. Now our team have been able to catch them up and seeing Lewis equalise Michael’s winning record, it’s much more emotional than I thought it would be. Valtteri and Lewis had a brilliant battle on the first lap, they raced each other hard but knew where the boundaries were. The pace of Valtteri’s opening few laps were incredible and it was such a shame he suffered the lock-up and then had the Power Unit issue. Of course, disappointing for Valtteri but we know how resilient he is, so I’m sure he’ll bounce back.

Andrew Shovlin

Another really impressive win from Lewis and it’s incredible that he’s equalled Michael’s colossal tally of race wins. He then lost race time to Lewis and Max, because they benefited from a faster stop under the VSC, and then on the restart he was losing power and we couldn’t recover the situation. We’re still looking into the problem, but the early indications are that it’s an electronic issue rather than a hardware issue. He did a good job of preserving the tyres in the first stint and was starting to make good time on Max later in the stint, but ultimately both got pulled in by the VSC. Overall, it’s been pleasing to see car work well in the cold conditions but as we’ve seen in other years, Red Bull are developing well and it’s looking like it will be pretty tight in the remaining races. However, retiring a car from a race is not our normal standard and it’s especially tough for Valtteri, who had good prospects after such a strong pole position yesterday.

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