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Drivers of the past century: on the road in a Mercedes-Benz LP 333 and an L 5000

Joachim Schlereth had the opportunity for one such journey back in time at the 17th Tour of German for classic trucks which took place from 16 to 20 September in three stages from Visselhövede via Einbeck and Spelle to Ladbergen.

Economical comfort in a classic truck

In contrast to the L 5000, it is quite comfortable to drive thanks to steering assistance. But that's about it for the comfort features in the millipede as the LP 333 is also known as a result of its two steered front axles. Once the driver has made their way into the seat of the cab-over-engine truck, an impressively dimensioned engine tunnel separates driver and co-driver.

The Mercedes-Benz L 5000 is in no way inferior to its classic truck buddy in terms of noise either. Conversations at normal volume are out of the question, although the straight-six OM 67/8 with 120 hp sits in front of the cab in the long nose. Anyone looking to drive this 10.7-tonne truck needs to still be a real trucker.

17th Tour of Germany: a 500-kilometre-long rolling museum

Since then, between 60 and 80 classic trucks have been rolling through Germany and neighbouring countries every two years, depending on the route planned. "This year we originally planned a ten-day tour of France," says Joachim Fehrenkötter, "but the COVID-19 pandemic put a big damper on our plans. We had to completely reschedule at short notice and shorten the tour to four days." But even though the invitations for it were only sent out very late, the response was overwhelming and an extremely attractive vintage truck parade was able to be put together for this 17th tour.

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