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Made in China, for China: market premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class

The new V-Class for China: even more attractive, even more customer focused

The new V-Class for the Chinese market has numerous attractive innovations to offer. Like its European counterpart the facelift for China features a refined exterior design with a new mix of paint colours and rims as well as the revised front section.

Specifically in response to the requirements of Chinese customers, the facelift of the V-Class boasts new equipment in the interior which creates a modern and luxurious ambience. The designers and engineers at Mercedes-Benz placed particular focus on the comfort of rear compartment passengers – the most important place in the vehicle in China.

Production continues locally with the Daimler joint venture FBAC

The V-Class will continue to be manufactured locally at the production plant in Fuzhou. The plant belonging to Fujian Benz Automotive works closely with the Spanish production plant in Vitoria – the global Mercedes-Benz Vans competence centre for mid-sized vehicles.

The mid-sized van models made by Mercedes-Benz have been rolling off the production line in Fuzhou, destined for the Chinese market, since 2010. In 2013 the joint venture Fujian Benz Automotive expanded the plant to include the first research and development centre outside of Germany. A large part of the investment was used to localise components and equipment, to prepare and modernise the body-in-white production and the assembly process as well as to qualify the employees at the Fuzhou plant.

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