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25 years ago: The 210 model series E 50 AMG high-performance saloon premieres

The response from the experts was very positive: “Automobil Revue” from Switzerland attested in edition 52/1996 that the E 50 AMG had “exclusivity and an unquestionably sporty temperament”.

Vehicles from Affalterbach

The new vehicle was a star in this as yet short history of high-performance cars developed together by Mercedes-Benz and AMG. Previously, from 1993, there had been the C 36 AMG in the 202 model series C-Class as well as in the 124 model series E 60 AMG saloon and the E 36 AMG model as a coupé and estate. The E 50 AMG already made its special place amongst the business saloons of the 210 model series clear with its design: the modified front apron not only reduced the front axle lift, but with the front fog lamps it also took up the theme of the round lights realised in the new eyes of the 210 model series.

This included larger combustion chambers, expanded inlet ports with respective valves, new springs for inlet and exhaust valves, redesigned inlet and outlet camshafts as well as the tuning of the electronic engine management by AMG and Bosch. AMG also addressed the twin pipe exhaust system, which was optimised with component parts from the S-Class and received a rear silencer with exhaust tailpipes in an AMG design.

Technically and aesthetically high-level

Further hallmarks of the E 50 AMG include the ASR acceleration skid control as a standard feature, the AMG sports suspension with harder shock absorbers and reinforced stabilisers as well as the brake system developed especially for this high-performance vehicle.

The dials of the speedometer with the AMG logo reaching up to 280 km/h make the performance potential of the E 50 AMG clear, albeit the vehicle is actually electronically limited to 250 km/h. After one and a half years in production and 2,960 vehicles produced, the E 50 AMG was replaced in autumn 1997 by the E 55 AMG (260 kW/354 hp) as the new top model in the 210 model series.

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