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A Tribute to the Wakandan Royalty We Deserve – Shuri

That’s where you’ll find Shuri, who is undoubtedly one of the smartest people on the planet — and also maybe one of the spunkiest the chief science officer for Wakanda.

We first meet Shuri during Marvel Studios’ Black Panther and it quickly becomes apparent that she’s one of the few people in Wakanda (and across the world) who can poke fun at her big brother King T’Challa. But that’s not all she can do! When there’s something you need solved, whether during battle or a regular day of the week, the person you want to turn to is Shuri. She might not be on the throne herself, but she’s definitely the Wakandan royalty we deserve.

Shuri is not afraid to give her brother trouble

Just like a typical brother-sister relationship, Shuri has no problems causing trouble for T’Challa. Though T’Challa is a very serious person, it’s clear that Shuri can always get him to crack a smile.

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