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16 Times We Really Felt the Love in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

You might think the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t have any lovey-dovey moments, but think again. Around here, we don’t say “I love you,” we say “I love you 3000.”

If you take a look back at the last 23 movies in the MCU, there have actually been a lot of moments of pure, unconditional love between our Super Heroes, and their family and friends.

But that’s not the only kind of love we’ve seen in the MCU. Just as much as Tony Stark loves Pepper Potts, we know he also loves Peter Parker, too — not in the same way as his wife, but the way he mentors and cares for Peter is a type of love just the same.

As we head into Valentine’s Day, now is a perfect time to celebrate the different kinds of love there is out there, whether it be between romantic partners, family members, or even friends.

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