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'Marvel's Hero Project' Recap: Roving Robbie

Every week on Marvel's Hero Project -- streaming exclusively on Disney+ -- you will meet a new young hero making a difference in their communities and all over the world! In this episode, meet Robbie!

Robbie has a strong connection to nature, and through his journey visiting over 100 of America’s national monuments, he realized that they must be protected. The desire to take care of the environment came early for Robbie, who said that “if you’re born and live in Hawaii, you’re pretty much obligated to be an environmentalist.” As someone who has so much natural beauty around him, Robbie takes the preservation of that beauty very seriously.

His biggest cause, however, goes beyond his “backyard” in Hawaii: Robbie wants to protect National Parks across the entire country. When the federal government announced in 2017 that it would decrease protection of National Park lands, Robbie knew he had to take action. He started his own nonprofit organization, Kids Speak for Parks, which is “dedicated to educating kids about the importance of the National Parks and Monuments, and also how they can protect them.” As part of his mission, Robbie traveled all around the country, documenting his visits to several National Parks and Monuments as well as with elected officials in Washington D.C.. But Robbie’s real goal was to help inform kids that they have the power to affect change and can play a part in protecting the environment.

While documenting some of his trips, he uses special 360-degree camera equipment to create virtual tours so any kid in any location also can experience the places that Robbie has seen.

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