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Lexus' Electrification Drives Sensory Experience at Milan Design Week 2020

Feb. 25, 2020

TOKYO, Japan (February 25, 2020)―Today Lexus announced their return to Milan Design Week, the world's largest design exhibition, with the "SENSES ELECTRIFIED". For their 13th year in Milan, Lexus commissioned Loop.pH, a world-renowned, London-based spatial laboratory, to present a vision of an electrified future where transportation engages and stimulates the senses. Loop.pH

"SENSES ELECTRIFIED" will be held April 21st through April 26th, at Superstudio Più, in the Tortona district―considered the center of Milan Design Week. Loop.pH is an experimental, London-based spatial laboratory working across the fields of design, architecture and the sciences. Loop.pH explores the role of art and design in public space by working outside of the gallery, museum and laboratory. The environments they create often synthesise living materials with digital tools, whilst exploring a new role for designers working at an urban scale. Loop.pH works with a range of clients to create brand experiences and public engagement initiatives, as well as delivering talks and workshops internationally.

Notable works include Mind Pilot for the Design Museum London in 2018, OSMO at TED 2015, and the Hybrid Art Project for Lexus Russia in 2010.

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