Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota. The Lexus brand is marketed in more than 70 countries and territories worldwide and has become Japan's largest-selling make of premium cars. It has ranked among the 10 largest Japanese global brands in market value. Lexus is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan.

Lexus Accelerates Its Electrified Future with LF-Z Electrified Concept DebutWorld Premiere of "LF-Z Electrified," a BEV Concept Car Symbolizing the Next Generation of Lexus

Mar. 30, 2021TOYOTA CITY, Japan (March 30, 2021)―Lexus announced today (19:00 Japan time) initiatives for the transformation of the Lexus brand through its "Lexus Concept Reveal Show".With an unyielding spirit of innovation and support from buyers around t...

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Lexus Announces Major Initiatives Towards Brand Transformation

Mar. 23, 2021Lexus will announce details of its brand transformation efforts online on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 7:00pm, along with the Concept Car which symbolizes the next generation of Lexus Ahead of the digital world premiere, Lexus has released an a...

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Lexus Announces 2020 Global Sales Results

Feb. 01, 2021Lexus announced today its 2020 global sales results as described below. Global sales for January-December 2020 totaled 718,715 units (a 6% decrease from the previous year). Sales for January-June totaled approximately 304,000 (a 16% decrease f...

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LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2021 Selects Six FinalistsNext-Generation Talent Innovates for a Better Tomorrow

Jan. 28, 2021TOKYO, Japan (January 28, 2021)―Lexus today announced the six finalists for the Lexus DESIGN AWARD 2021, selected by a distinguished jury from among 2,079 entries submitted by creators in 66 countries.This year marks the ninth edition of the L...

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LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2021: Leading Lights of Global Design Selected as Judges and MentorsStar-studded lineup of judges and mentors to support up-and-coming creators for a Better Tomorrow

Sep. 15, 2020TOKYO, Japan, September 15, 2020―Lexus today announced its complete high-powered lineup of judges and mentors for the Lexus DESIGN AWARD 2021, a global platform to support and nurture the next generation of creators.CALL FOR ENTRIES TO THE LEX...

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"Open Source Communities" by BellTower Wins Grand Prix in LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2020The prestigious design competition awarded the highest prize to the group of designers from Kenya

Sep. 01, 2020TOKYO, Japan (September 1, 2020)―Lexus International has announced that BellTower from Kenya is the Grand Prix winner of the Lexus DESIGN AWARD 2020. BellTower's entry, entitled "Open Source Communities," was selected for the coveted award fro...

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Lexus Announces Three Mentors for 2021 DESIGN AWARDThe three design stars represent diverse creative disciplines

Aug. 18, 2020TOKYO, Japan (August 18, 2020)―Lexus today announced three mentors for the 2021 Lexus DESIGN AWARD, the international design competition which is currently accepting submissions from the world's emerging designers. Architect Mariam Kamara and ...

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Lexus Premieres New LSContinuing the relentless evolution of a brand flagship, and introducing Lexus Teammate―the latest in advanced driving assist technologies

Jul. 07, 2020Lexus premiered the updated version of its flagship sedan, the LS, and announced that sales in Japan begin late 2020. The first-generation LS debuted in 1989 and built the foundation of Lexus with the high praise earned by its exceptional quie...

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LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2020 Virtual Grand-Prix SelectionThe luxury brand continues its support of next-generation creators on this new platform

Jun. 30, 2020TOKYO, Japan (June 30, 2020)―Today, Lexus announced that the luxury brand is adapting their Grand Prix judging for the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2020 to a virtual environment in August with the Grand Prix winner to be announced on Sept 1.Out of 2,042...

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Lexus Premieres New ISContinuing the long pursuit of Driving Exhilaration, the New IS Pushes the Limits of Dynamic Performance in Compact RWD Sports Sedan

Jun. 16, 2020Lexus held the world premiere of the new Lexus IS online today. Along with being a car that has built Lexus driving performance by serving like a whetstone for fine-tuning the driving sense of drivers, the IS has earned popularity through its ...

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Lexus to Reveal the New IS on June 16th, 2020

Jun. 12, 2020Lexus plans to hold the world premiere of the new Lexus compact RWD sport sedan IS online, at 8:00 am JST on June 16, 2020. The program will include a digital press conference in the US, where it will debut at 7:00 pm EST on June 15.

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LEXUS previews the New ISWorld Premiere will be held online at 8:00 am JST on June 10th, 2020

Jun. 01, 2020TOYOTA CITY, Japan (June 1, 2020)―Lexus plans to hold the world premiere of the new Lexus compact FR sport sedan IS online at 8:00 am JST on June 10. Ahead of this digital world premiere, please enjoy a preview image of the New Lexus IS.

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Lexus Cancels LEXUS DESIGN EVENT at 2020 Milan Design Week

Apr. 14, 2020TOKYO, Japan (April 14, 2020)―Following the official cancellation of this year's Milan Design Week, Lexus has also canceled its 2020 LEXUS DESIGN EVENT, "SENSES ELECTRIFIED." Lexus is committed to making a better world through design and will ...

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Lexus' "SENSES ELECTRIFIED" at Milan Design Week Rescheduled to June

Mar. 02, 2020TOKYO, Japan (March 2, 2020)―In consideration of the ongoing health concerns regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease, Lexus DESIGN EVENT 2020 "SENSES ELECTRIFIED" will be rescheduled to June 16th through June 21st, following the ...

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Lexus' Electrification Drives Sensory Experience at Milan Design Week 2020

Feb. 25, 2020TOKYO, Japan (February 25, 2020)―Today Lexus announced their return to Milan Design Week, the world's largest design exhibition, with the "SENSES ELECTRIFIED". For their 13th year in Milan, Lexus commissioned Loop.pH, a world-renowned, London-...

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