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Lamborghini: records from the past that you might not know about. From the lowest Lamborghini to the first Super SUV of all time

Sant’Agata Bolognese, August 17, 2021 – Throughout Automobili Lamborghini’s history there have been numerous records and firsts that have made the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese a paragon of excellence and innovation in the automotive world.

Among the features that make the Marzal’s design special are the interior, entirely upholstered in silver-colored leather and the hexagon, the central theme of its entire design which was repeated in as many details as possible and is echoed in the shape of the dashboard, the rear window and in the console cut-out. But the most striking feature of all was the extensive glass surface that covers 4.5 square meters, from the gull-wing doors to the roof.

This peculiarity means the Marzal is a fully operational show car with the largest glass surface in history. From the very beginning of his entrepreneurial history, Ferruccio Lamborghini wanted to give ample space to brilliant and capable young people, and the Miura project is a prime example of this choice.

In 1966, with an average age of just 29, the youngest in the history of the Sant’Agata brand, designer Marcello Gandini and test driver Bob Wallace, both 28, along with chief engineer Gian Paolo Dallara and assistant engineer Paolo Stanzani, both 30, brought to life the Miura, an extraordinary car that was destined to become a legend.

At just 105.5 cm in height, the Lamborghini Miura was the lowest mass-produced car ever, a record that is part of Lamborghini’s DNA. Still today, this styling feature is an integral part of the shape of Lamborghini cars.

Starting as a project aimed at developing a high-performance off-road vehicle for military use, the final model slated to go into production with the name LM002 was first unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show in 1986.

At the time of its launch the LM002, a completely different car from any other available on the market, was absolutely cutting-edge in its forms and performance, similar to those of Lamborghini’s super sports cars. It featured a 5167 cc engine delivering 450 HP at 6800 rpm, excellent off-road capabilities and a design highlighting powerful lines.

Lamborghini’s vertically opening doors, also known as “scissor doors”, are the hallmark of the most iconic V12 super sports cars ever produced by Automobili Lamborghini.Designed by Marcello Gandini in 1971, the revolutionary Countach was the first production car equipped with vertically opening doors of this type, still today a distinctive feature of the most powerful cars from the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese.

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