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“UNLOCK ANY ROAD JAPAN” Urus expedition over 6.500 Km across Japan

Tokyo, May 25 2021 - Automobili Lamborghini Japan launched the cross-Japan project UNLOCK ANY ROAD JAPAN: a route of more than 6,500 km aboard the Super SUV Urus, which started 26 April from Fukoka, taking in 17 different stages before ending 23 May in Tokyo. The relay-style drive was undertaken by automotive, lifestyle and fashion media, departing from and arriving to authorized Lamborghini dealers over a month.

They started their journey in Fukuoka and passed through the incredible scenarios of Hiroshima, Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Yamagata, and Akita during the first half of the route. Travelling north along the Sea of Japan, the two Urus passed through Hokkaido, Sendai, and Yokohama before reaching the final destination: THE LOUNGE TOKYO in Roppongi, Tokyo.

UNLOCK ANY ROAD JAPAN: places and stages of the journey

At the starting point of Fukuoka, the tour visited Miyajidake Shrine, which is famous for its view of the Road of Light, and then moved to Hiroshima, with a stop at the Atomic Bomb Dome. In Kagawa, the two Urus had a refreshing drive through Flower Park Urashima with its flower fields and ocean view, and then the 12,300 m Great Seto Bridge . The drive continued to Bizen City, that offered elegant views of Japan, and Himeji Castle, which was Japan’s first World Heritage Site, capturing on film the combination of Japanese culture and the Urus, with its dynamic performance and unmistakable Lamborghini design.

Urus Pearl Capsule

Pearl Capsule is the first customization option exclusively for Urus, created by Lamborghini’s Centro Stile design department. The assertive two-tone exterior combines Lamborghini’s traditional high-gloss four-layer pearl colors of Giallo Inti (yellow), Arancio Borealis (orange), and Verde Mantis (green) in combination with a high gloss black roof, rear diffuser, spoiler lip and other details. Available exclusively on the Pearl Capsule, the optional fully-electric seat features airy perforated Alcantara for exceptional comfort.

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