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Hyundai Motor Group Honors Emerging Asian New Media Artists at 4th VH AWARD

Launched in 2016, the VH AWARD has brought into the public limelight diverse Asian artists working in the new-media realm.

For the 4th VH AWARD, the scope of the eligible awardees has been expanded from South Korean citizens to all Asians, whose works creatively portray and question the vast array of issues occurring across Asia, including the relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence and the consequences of climate change.

Lek’s 4th VH AWARD Grand-Prix-winning work, titled “Black Cloud,” is the culmination of the London-based artist’s ongoing body of virtual-reality artworks. Through his virtual-space creations, Lek, who is of Malaysian-Chinese descent, opens up inquiries into the “geopolitical” implications of artificial intelligence and illuminates the various links between art and AI – particularly the ways in which the different societal attitudes toward AI control peoples’ values, lifestyles and modes of operations around the world.

The virtual tools, such as computer-generated images and computer games, can enable contemporary artists to create environments that reflect some of the utopian ideas of architecture, said Lek.

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