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Hyundai Motor Group and Infineon to Incubate Innovative Startups from Singapore and Korea

Hyundai Motor Group (The Group) today announced signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Infineon Technologies AG to incubate promising startups from Singapore and Korea who are preparing to conduct businesses in Southeast Asia.

The Group launched Hyundai CRADLE Singapore in August 2021 to work with startups in the fields of smart factory, smart city, mobility and logistics. To provide professional support for local startups, the Group decided to partner with Infineon, which launched the Co-Innovation Space in Singapore in 2018.

Through the partnership, Hyundai CRADLE Singapore and Infineon will work together to nurture selected startups from Singapore and Korea to discover innovative technologies for Southeast Asian markets.

Infineon has been a great partner for Hyundai as a supplier and we are delighted to expand our cooperation by collaborating with innovative startups in Singapore. And, I believe that Hyundai and Infineon’s collaboration in sensing new technologies in different fields could bring great opportunities in Southeast Asia. President and Chief Innovation Officer of Hyundai Motor Group, Dr. Youngcho Chi said.

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