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Hyundai Motor Group Presents Its Vision to Popularize Hydrogen by 2040 at Hydrogen Wave Forum

Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) has set out its vision for hydrogen energy and a global hydrogen society.

Further underscoring its pioneering commitment to clean sustainable energy for all types of mobility, the Group unveiled unprecedented plans that will see the electrification of all new commercial vehicle models – featuring fuel cell electric or battery electric powertrains, as well as the application of fuel cell systems – to all models by 2028. The daring strategy will put the Group at the vanguard of the commercial vehicle sector, in the process helping to reshape the industry and realize a sustainable clean future.

Hydrogen Vision 2040 – Carbon neutrality solution via an energy paradigm shift

The vision for Hyundai Motor Group is that by 2040 hydrogen energy will be used not only for transportation but will also be applied to wider areas of industries and sectors.

During Hydrogen Wave, the Group is sharing its plans to proactively respond to climate change through hydrogen solutions, starting with the commercial vehicle sector, which emits larger amounts of CO2 and requires longer drive ranges’ compared with the passenger vehicle sector. As a result of such findings, the Group will launch all-new commercial vehicles such as buses and heavy-duty trucks for the global market as fuel cell electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles.

Next-generation fuel cell systems

It’s been an ongoing process for many years for the Group to strive to reduce the cost of fuel cell systems for mass application. During Hydrogen Wave, the Group presented a series of new fuel cell systems including a new prototype of its third-generation fuel cell stack – a higher-powered, efficiently packaged successor to the NEXO system – that is planned for market introduction in 2023.

The future for hydrogen mobility

Production, storage and transportation convenience will be important factors for the widespread application and the use of fuel cell technology. Under the Group’s dedicated HTWO brand for fuel cells, the Group is also unveiling new innovative concepts for portable, hydrogen refueling facilities.

Hydrogen Future: a new energy for a new society

“The degree and frequency of environmental disasters is rising fast and we now face a code red warning for humanity,” added Chairman Chung during the global online forum. “The Group seeks to offer powerful and pragmatic solutions for combatting climate change via the tremendous potential of hydrogen energy.”

Following today’s Hydrogen Wave online global forum, the Group will be presenting its plans for hydrogen energy and a global hydrogen society at its ‘Hydrogen Village’ (HydroVILLE) exhibition in Goyang, Korea, from September 8-11, 2021.

Inspired by the potential for clean hydrogen, HydroVILLE is divided into various zones to illustrate the Group’s future hydrogen vision.

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