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The high-tech Kia K8 reimagines and transforms the sedan class

Kia Corporation has announced that the all-new K8 went on-sale in the Korean market today. Following its debut market launch in Korea, the K8 will also be made available in selected global markets later this year. The Kia K8 combines cutting-edge innovation, dynamic performance and contemporary design to establish new benchmarks for premium quality in the sedan class.

Further demonstrating the recent rejuvenation of the brand, the K8 is a car of many firsts for Kia. It represents a new model name – replacing the hugely successful K7 (known as Cadenza in some markets) – and proudly wears the new contemporary company logo that sits just above the reimagined ‘Tiger Nose’ grille, a signature Kia design. It is also the first Kia K-Series model to be designed and developed under the company’s daring all-new design philosophy, ‘Opposites United’.

Bold new design embodies the premium qualities of the K8 The K8 has been designed with the future in mind and under the new ‘Opposites United’ form language. At the front sits a new signature frameless Tiger Nose Grille that gives the K8 presence and authority. The frameless grille, which is integrated within the front bumper to give a clean yet expansive look, features an intricate diamond lattice designed to express the movement of light.

An automotive lounge that fuses nature with technology and luxury with comfort A sleek, contemporary and minimalist style that is informed by the ‘Opposites United’ ethos creates a wide cabin effect that is light in both touch and look. A contemporary panoramic curved display links a 12-inch digital cluster and a 12-inch infotainment system, bringing together the K8’s advanced connectivity and infotainment technology. This curved display – a first for Kia – is clean, ultra-modern and easy-to-use, giving the K8 an effective ‘minimalist-meets-simplicity’ tech style.

A design vision that evokes positive forces and natural energy K8 design has been influenced by Kia’s bold new form language, ‘Opposites United’, which takes inspiration from the contrasts found in nature and humanity. Development of the new design philosophy has been led by the Kia Design Center in Namyang, Korea, drawing on the respective talents and strengths of Kia’s European and North American design centers in Frankfurt, Germany and Irvine, California in the U.S. It is based on five key design pillars: ‘Bold for Nature’, ‘Joy for Reason’, ‘Power to Progress’, ‘Technology for Life’, and ‘Tension for Serenity’.

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