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Kia K8 interior – modernity and technology meet in a luxury sports sedan

Kia Corporation has today opened the doors of the K8 premium sports sedan, showcasing a first-class interior lounge that blends premium luxury with effortless style and unrivalled comfort.

Further demonstrating the recent rejuvenation of the brand, the K8’s interior shines a light on Kia’s ambitions for the future, with a focus on delivering new standards in automotive quality.

Every element of the K8 interior has been designed with high-end luxury in mind, serving to elevate the senses of the driver and passengers.

Interior vision: first-class luxury meets tomorrow’s tech style

A sleek, contemporary and minimalist style creates a wide cabin effect that is light in both touch and look. Diverse in character and content, the materials used on the inside of the K8 have been carefully selected to create a complete high-class and high-tech cocoon. The luxurious use of wood is complemented by exposed high-quality metals that creates the feeling of youth and industrial chic, successfully marrying traditional with contemporary.

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