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K8, a modern innovative sedan, heralds the newly transformed Kia brand

Kia Corporation has today revealed the first official images of the K8, the first model for the rebirth of Kia brand to exemplify its new purpose and ambitions for the future.

The K8 represents a new model name for Kia and is the first model to show the brand’s new design identity as well as the contemporary new Kia logo. Exterior design: embodying an exciting new future Taking on an all-new name and the first model to be launched following Kia’s recent rebrand, the K8 has been designed with the future in mind. At the front sits a new signature frameless ‘tiger nose’ grille that gives the K8 presence and authority. The frameless grille, which is integrated within the front bumper to give a clean yet expansive look, features an intricate diamond lattice designed to express the movement of light.

All-new car, all-new name The introduction of an all-new model name – the K8 – is part of Kia’s brand transition and represents the premium space in which the new sports sedan will occupy. The new model signals an upward journey in design, technology and modernity from the outgoing K7, delivering a class-leading package that redefines the meaning of sports sedan.

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