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Hyundai Motor Group Renews Its Website to Introduce Future Technology Leadership

Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) today introduced its renewed ‘Hyundai Motor Group Tech’ website highlighting the key technologies driving its future mobility vision. The new digital platform is available in Chinese, English, Indonesian and Spanish as well as in Korean.

The six sections include Mobility Device, Mobility Service, Essential Performance, Electrification, Fuel Cell and Convergence, which play vital roles in Hyundai’s vision of future mobility.

The Mobility Device section covers Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Purpose Built Vehicles (PBV) and the Hub - all essential to the Group’s innovative vision for future cities first introduced in January at 2020 CES.The Mobility Service section explores the Group’s vision of ‘hyper-connected lifestyles’, facilitated by innovations in infotainment and connected vehicle services.The Essential Performance section highlights the Group’s work in automotive fundamentals, such as powertrains, road-noise control along with Ride and Handling (R&H) technologies.

The Electrification section presents the Group’s current and future eco-friendly vehicles, along with its vision for sustainability.

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