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How Living with the Electric Jaguar I‑pace is Easier than Ever

The new online range calculator gives users greater insight into the effects that factors such as wheel size, temperature and other features have on the vehicle’s maximum range of 292 miles (WLTP).

Jaguar’s new simple-tariff public charging service gives owners access to more than 110,000 public plug-in points across Europe, with a single monthly bill using a PAYG model or fixed subscription fee.

The app calculates potential cost savings, how much battery would have been used per trip and the number of full charges that would be required to cover the cumulative distance driven, all by tracking individual user journey data via the location services on a smartphone.

HOW LIVING WITH THE ELECTRIC Jaguar I-PACE IS EASIER THAN EVER HOW LIVING WITH THE ELECTRIC JAGUAR I-PACE IS EASIER THAN EVER By using these digital tools, existing and potential customers are able to see with great accuracy how an I-PACE could fit into life and gain a real insight into how the range of the vehicle is affected by different features.

Head of e-Mobility, Jaguar Land Rover

Data captured by Jaguar’s Go I-PACE app has revealed that across Europe 85 per cent of owners could cover their weekly mileage with a maximum of just two full vehicle charges, with 54 per cent only needing to charge once every seven days.

More than 35,000 journeys logged by the intelligent smartphone app revealed that the average user clocked up to 216 miles per week, with an average journey measuring 8.4 miles.

The Go I-PACE app was designed to demonstrate how EV ownership can benefit drivers, particularly in understanding journey impact on range and how often they would need to plug in.

Digital Innovations, Jaguar Land Rover

The I-PACE also has a suite of smart range-optimising technologies including a battery pre-conditioning system which, when plugged in, automatically increases or lowers the temperature of the battery to maximise range before driving away.

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