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Mobileye and Udelv Ink Deal for Autonomous Delivery


Today’s news is believed to be the first large-scale deal for a self-driving system and signals that Mobileye Drive is ready for commercial deployment in solutions involving the autonomous movement of goods and people.

More: Mobileye Drive (Fact Sheet) | Autonomous Driving/Mobileye (Press Kit) | Mobileye News About Mobileye Mobileye is leading the mobility revolution with its autonomous driving and driver-assist technologies, harnessing world-renowned expertise in computer vision, machine learning, mapping, and data analysis. Our technology enables self-driving vehicles and mobility solutions, powers industry-leading advanced driver-assistance systems, and delivers valuable intelligence to optimize mobility infrastructure. Mobileye pioneered such groundbreaking technologies as True RedundancyTM sensing, REMTM crowdsourced mapping, and Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) technologies that are driving the ADAS and AV fields towards the future of mobility.

About Udelv On a mission to improve people’s lives, road safety and sustainable delivery, Udelv is revolutionizing the logistics space with its autonomous delivery vans (ADV) for last- and middle-mile delivery on public roads. Founded in California in 2017 by Daniel Laury and CTO Akshat Patel, Udelv successfully accomplished the first ever autonomous delivery on public roads in 2018. Udelv’s focus on autonomous vehicles paired with its uPod delivery technology enable long-range and high-capacity deliveries that are eco, business and customer friendly.

About Donlen Headquartered in Bannockburn, Illinois, Donlen develops innovative fleet management technology solutions and offers a proactive, hands-on approach to customer service. Donlen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Athene, a leading financial services company with total assets of $202.8 billion (as of Dec. 31, 2020). For more information, visit

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