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2019 BAFTA ‘Special Visual Effects’ Nominations Announced

This morning BAFTA announced the nominees for their annual awards ceremony on February 10th and we’re thrilled that ILM worked on three of the five films that made the list! Congratulations to our artists Russell Earl (VFX Supervisor, Avengers: Infinity War), Craig Hammack (VFX Supervisor, Black Panther), Roger Guyett (Visual Effects Supervisor, Ready Player One), Grady Cofer (VFX Supervisor, Ready Player One), and David Shirk (Animation Supervisor, Ready Player One).

Films ILM contributed to: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Dan DeLeeuw, Russell Earl, Kelly Port, Dan Sudick BLACK PANTHER Geoffrey Baumann, Jesse James Chisholm, Craig Hammack, Dan Sudick

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