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Arvind Krishna WEF panel conversation on fostering responsible AI leadership

On Thursday, January 28, 2021, the World Economic Forum (WEF) launched its Global AI Action Alliance, an initiative to accelerate the adoption of trusted, inclusive and transparent artificial intelligence, during a Davos Agenda panel on " Fostering Responsible AI Leadership ." IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna will co-chair the Alliance, together with Vilas Dhar, President and Trustee, The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation. (Replay available below.)

After the company’s 2020 call for Precision Regulation of AI, Arvind announced on this panel that IBM will make its approach to and expertise in accountable AI Ethics available through the Alliance. IBM is contributing a number of open source AI ethics technology toolkits, as well as the governance structure it uses to evaluate applications of data and technology in a way that is centralized and accountable. This includes the structure, workflows and approach to decision making that helps the company navigate complicated ethical questions that it encounters worldwide. Together with the consulting expertise it is also are making available through the Alliance, IBM’s goal is to accelerate the Alliance’s efforts and help organizations implement their own AI ethics program based on its approach.

Click here to read the official announcement of the Alliance, and here for more details on its mission and IBM's contribution. [Click__here] to read Arvind's LinkedIn post "Sharing Our AI Ethics Framework".

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