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Vaccine Delivery Works Best in the Open

December 21, 2020

As IBM has proven throughout our history, the instinct to step up and help solve society's biggest challenges is hardwired into our values, our identity. In this moment, we are called to tackle the most logistically-complex challenge of our lifetimes, one reliant on data and trusted collaboration: Stopping the spread of COVID-19.

By bringing the power of blockchain, data and AI, security, and hybrid cloud together, we are helping the public and private sectors speed the medicines from production facilities to doctors’ offices in an efficient, trusted, and equitable way.

In the last mile, IBM technologies are empowering individual citizens with a verifiable and privacy-preserving way to digitally manage and share their health status, including securely scheduling immunizations, tracking medical test results, exchanging anonymized data, and staying abreast of additional medical care.

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