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Why I’m building IBM’s internal data platform on the Hybrid Multicloud

November 19, 2020

By Inderpal Bhandari, IBM Global Chief Data Officer A recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value found that while 90% of companies were “on the cloud” by 2019, only about 20% of their business workloads were cloud-based. Why the gap? Why aren’t more moving?

Instead of moving the workload, meet it where it is.

More and more, this simple fact is guiding companies toward an overall transformation strategy that features the hybrid cloud, leveraging whatever combination of public cloud, private cloud and on prem makes sense for them to optimize value. Businesses are seeing the benefit of a holistic approach as opposed to “let's focus on this one workload and try to move it.” We saw this trend come to life at our recent CDO Summit, where two-thirds of attendees reported that their companies had at least started their journey to hybrid cloud.

“Meeting it where it is” requires a hybrid multicloud approach

Hybrid cloud is not only IBM’s go-forward focus for our clients, it is also our strategy internally. We realized that “meeting the workload where it is” is critical for end-to-end transformation of the enterprise – and that required a hybrid multicloud environment.

Building on hybrid multicloud, our data platform can be anywhere and everywhere

The backbone of our internal strategy is the Cognitive Enterprise Data Platform (CEDP). With hybrid multicloud running on Red Hat OpenShift, this central data and AI enablement platform allows 1) workloads to run anywhere with the appropriate privacy and security safeguards built in, and 2) data to be ingested once and accessed anywhere, again appropriately.

Since its launch in 2017, CEDP has delivered 71% improvement in cycle time of key business processes and 10X return on investment from data and AI-based transformation initiatives.

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