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AT&T and IBM: Helping Businesses Adapt to New Work Environments

By Mo Katibeh and Steve Canepa

In coping with the coronavirus crisis, organizations around the world have been using digital technology to continue operating their businesses remotely while they wait for the world to return to normal—or at least to settle into the next normal.

From that crisis has come an opportunity: to accelerate the business world’s digital transformation.

Foundation for a New Approach to Work

The remote working capabilities enabled by 5G’s low-latency, high-performance connectivity give us the tools to help businesses address concerns about spreading COVID-19 in a workplace, and lay a foundation for an eventual return to workplaces.

At Yorktown Heights, our companies will be deploying Watson Works, a set of return-to-work solutions designed to offer a range of capabilities for businesses.

Long-Time Collaborators in Digital Transformation

This relationship proved its value when it came to serving AT&T and IBM’s joint enterprise customers amid the disruptions from COVID-19. AT&T was able to respond to its customers’ new needs in doing business remotely, and deliver the capabilities required to keep its customers’ businesses running.

IBM and AT&T were able to quickly respond to the pandemic, migrating to a work-from-home operating model to help keep employees safe.

The Promising Path Ahead

AT&T’s strategy of deploying both its nationwide 5G network operating below 6 gigahertz and its mmWave spectrum bands of 24GHz and higher will help provide the best mix of speeds, latency and coverage for business needs. As part of this installation, AT&T 5G mmWave coverage will be available at the Yorktown Heights facility.

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