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Hyundai Creates "How It Works" Video For Its NEXO Fuel Cell SUV in Celebration of 2020 Earth Day

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Apr. 22, 2020 – In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Hyundai today shared a “How It Works” video for its NEXO fuel cell SUV, available on the Hyundai YouTube channel and The video explains how the NEXO fuel cell stack creates its propulsion energy on demand only as its driver needs it, in contrast to battery-electric vehicles. The video can be viewed at this link:

Our newest NEXO fuel cell SUV truly sets the standard for zero-emissions travel in California, and it does so in the flexible SUV body configuration that many families desire to meet their active lifestyle needs. With up to 380 miles of range and a refueling speed of only five minutes, our newest NEXO is truly a vision for a zero-emissions future, available from Hyundai today.

Hyundai fuel cell SUVs, including both the current model NEXO and previous generation Tucson Fuel Cell SUV, have accumulated well over ten million miles on California roads, all while producing clean H2O emissions and no negative effects on the environment.

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Video provided by Hyundai.


How Fuel Cell Vehicles Work | Nexo | Hyundai


Apr 22, 2020 by HyundaiUSA


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How Fuel Cell Vehicles Work | Nexo | Hyundai