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Hyundai Motor Takes Human-Centered Mobility Vision to New Heights at CES 2020

At the Las Vegas exhibition, Hyundai’s S-A1, the company’s first fully-electric Personal Air Vehicle (PAV*) concept for Urban Air Mobility (UAM**) took center stage, highlighting the potential of air travel to relieve crowded ground transportation infrastructure.

Hyundai also revealed its Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) concept, capable of adapting to specific lifestyle needs of passengers and reducing time wasted on congested highways.

Urban Air Mobility and a new partnership with Uber Elevate

Public and media reaction to Hyundai’s concepts for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and ways to connect communities was extremely positive. More than 150,000 people visited Hyundai’s CES exhibition booth to witness the company’s future mobility vision and display pieces, which includes PAV.

Visitors to the booth noted Hyundai’s four principles of UAM: safe, quiet, affordable and passenger-centered.

Purpose Built Vehicle concept and the Hub

Ushering in the era of seamless mobility, Hyundai’s booth also enabled visitors to explore how future urban transportation incorporates the electric PAV concept with a new ground transportation solution: the Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) concept.

The design of the PBV concept was inspired by urban scenery, making passengers feel connected to the city even when moving through it. Inside and out, this vehicle can be transformed to meet the needs of passengers.

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