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Roamin’ Numerals: This Pi Day, Celebrate How Math Is Powering Self-Driving Cars

By John Rich, Chief Operating Officer, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC

While Pi Day may seem like a made-up holiday, March 14 – 3.14 – actually provides us with an opportunity to recognize the important role mathematics plays in just about everything we do or interact with on a daily basis. For me, Pi Day also serves as an opportunity to appreciate the people who helped me understand and get excited about numbers and formulas.

For me, it was my dad. An astrophysicist and director of engineering for the Hubble Space Telescope, I learned to appreciate the importance of mathematics from him. My dad would take me to observatories and explain in incredible detail how telescopes worked, what we were looking at when we saw stars in the sky and how far away other planets were.

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Mar 13, 2020 at 12:12


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Ford’s Self-Driving Car Team Celebrates Pi Day – and the Teachers Who Inspired Them


Mar 12, 2020 by Ford Media


This Pi Day, Ford’s self-driving vehicle team took a moment to reflect on the people who inspired them to enter the world of mathematics, and to recognize the important role math plays in the development of self-driving vehicles.