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Facebook and Gucci File Joint Lawsuit Against International Counterfeiter

Today, as part of our ongoing efforts to enforce our Terms and protect against abuse, Facebook and Gucci filed a joint lawsuit against the head of an international counterfeiting business.

Facebook, Inc. and Gucci America, Inc. sued an individual in the United States District Court, Northern District of California for breach of Facebook and Instagram’s Terms and infringement of Gucci’s intellectual property rights. Specifically, the defendant used multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts to evade Facebook’s enforcement efforts and continue to promote the sale of counterfeit Gucci products.

Facebook and Instagram’s terms strictly prohibit IP infringement, including the sale or promotion of counterfeit products. Cross-industry collaboration with brands like Gucci is critical to this type of enforcement action and to Facebook’s broader efforts to tackle counterfeits on its services. Facebook and Gucci’s collaborative relationship is built upon joint commitment and efforts to combat the promotion and sale of counterfeit goods online.

Facebook and Gucci plan to continue their enforcement efforts against counterfeiting and hold those who abuse Facebook and Instagram accountable.

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