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Our Commitment to Human Rights

More and more, human rights are exercised — and violated — online. Billions of people enjoy freedom of expression, access to information and the right to education in the digital space. But they can also experience hate speech, bullying and harassment and have their privacy violated in that same space. At Facebook, we’re committed to respecting human rights in our business operations, product development, policies and programming. To further that commitment, today we’re launching a corporate human rights policy, covering all of Facebook Inc, and a fund to support human rights defenders.

This new policy sets out the human rights standards we will strive to respect as defined in international law including the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). And we will release a public report annually on how we’re addressing human rights concerns stemming from our products, policies or business practices — something very few other companies do.

We’ve worked over the years to support human rights defenders who use our platform. We’ll also build on our existing work to protect defenders’ accounts — efforts that include combating malicious actors who are targeting them, protecting them from incorrect content removals using Cross Check, offering advanced security options, taking steps to thwart unauthorized access to the accounts of defenders who are arrested or detained, and partnering with human rights organizations on outreach and training.

We’re launching this policy to build on our commitments as part of the Global Network Initiative, and our recent human rights work.

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