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Oversight Board Selects First Cases to Review

Update on December 3, 2020 at 5:00 PM PT:

Additional information can be found in the board’s announcement, and in the Newsroom post for this case. The board also announced it has selected an additional case for review regarding a post in a Group making a veiled threat based on religious beliefs.

Originally published on December 1, 2020 at 5:45 AM PT:

Earlier today, the Oversight Board announced that it has selected the first six cases it will review, including five user appeals and one case referred by Facebook

The Oversight Board is a separate body that people can appeal to if they disagree with decisions we made about their content on Facebook or Instagram. The board began accepting cases last month, and it will continue to receive appeals while it considers these six cases.

Case Updates From Facebook

Just as we’ve done today, we will continue to publish a post for each case the board reviews on about.fb.com/oversight. Once the board makes a decision, we will update each post to include details about the decision and how we have implemented it for relevant content.

New Oversight Board Trustees

As part of today’s announcement, the board welcomed five additional trustees to the Oversight Board Trust. Trustees will not be involved in hearing cases or in the board’s exercise of independent judgment on content issues.

We would like to add our welcome to the trustees and thank them for their contribution over the months and years to come.

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