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Sharing Progress on Our Privacy Work

Today, we’re sharing some of the changes we’ve made to our privacy approach over the past year and examples of how we’re operating differently to ensure we protect people’s privacy.

Proof Is in the Products

Thanks to effective collaboration across multiple teams at Facebook, these products all succeed in giving people the best experience, while also honoring their privacy. This is made possible by our revamped Privacy Review process, which helps ensure every new product or feature is built with privacy in mind, meaning it has the appropriate tools and processes in place to help address potential risks and protect people’s information.

This privacy-first approach applies to all aspects of our work across Facebook

Making Privacy Part of Everyone’s Job

As part of the agreement, we formed a Privacy Committee of our Board of Directors; these independent directors, including Peggy Alford, Nancy Killefer (chair) and Robert M. Kimmitt, are responsible for overseeing risks related to privacy and data use.

The agreement catalyzed a change in our company’s culture and our goal is to make privacy a core responsibility for every employee. From Privacy Review to our new risk assessments and privacy training, we’re starting to see a shift in our company’s culture, but we can’t rely on that alone.

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