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Europe Should Tear Down Digital Walls, Not Build New Ones

It has long been the vision of European policymakers to make the continent a centre of digital innovation to rival the US west coast and China. With almost half a billion people across some of the world’s most advanced economies, there is no inherent reason why Europe should lag behind.

The EU is about to produce a raft of new draft regulations, including a Digital Services Act covering everything from misinformation to app stores. Europe has long been a pioneer in internet regulation — as the General Data Protection Regulation has demonstrated — and much of what it does will be followed elsewhere. So getting this right matters not only to the EU but to the future of the wider internet, especially as US-China rivalry intensifies.

But as the web fragments, Europe faces a fundamental choice: does it design rules to keep the internet open and global; or does it build barriers for the bloc alone?

It is worrying that some regulators and governments are increasingly acting unilaterally within the EU.

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Nov 01, 2020 at 04:12