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A Privacy-Protected Way to Refer Cases to the Oversight Board

In May, following a year-long consultation period, we welcomed the first 20 members of the Oversight Board.

Starting today, when someone disagrees with our decision to take down a piece of content and has exhausted our existing appeals process, they can appeal their case to the Oversight Board. In order to review and hear cases, Board members will need a secure way of accessing and reviewing all the necessary information on the content in question. That is why we built a case management tool that will allow Board members to collaborate and review information from anywhere in the world.

What Information Will Board Members See?

The Board’s charter and bylaws detail what kind of information will be shared with Board members, and how that information will be made available to them. Within the case management tool, members of the Board will have access to basic information they would reasonably require to make a decision, such as:

Will You Know That Your Content Might be Reviewed by the Oversight Board?

The second way is through Facebook itself— Facebook can refer “significant and difficult” cases directly to the Board. If Facebook refers a case to the Board, the person who posted the content will be notified and given an opportunity to provide more context on why they posted the content in the first place. If the Board selects the case for review, this context will help inform the Board’s deliberation and decision. These cases are called Facebook Referred Cases.

How Will You Know the Status of Your Case?

People who submit a case for review by the Board, or whose content is being reviewed as part of a Facebook Referred Case, will be able to track the status of their case by logging into the Oversight Board website with their Facebook or Instagram credentials.

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