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Honoring Coming Out Day

Every year on October 11, the LGBTQ+ community recognizes the significance of coming out and the importance of encouraging an environment of support and acceptance. For LGBTQ+ people, coming out is more than one day or one moment, it is a lifelong journey and an everyday act of courage, especially when there isn’t a visible LGBTQ+ community around them.

Providing Resources and Support on Instagram

We partnered with PFLAG, It Gets Better Project and The Tegan and Sara Foundation to create new Instagram Guides offering tips on topics such as safety and support for those going through their coming out journey, as well as for their friends and family.

New Product Features on Facebook

To help people express themselves and find relevant Coming Out Day content, we’re releasing new product features in the Facebook app including an animated Coming Out Day Facebook logo that will link to a custom hashtag feed for #ComingOut2020. We’re also adding new Coming Out Day-themed stickers to use in stories and feed.

Coming Out Day 2020 on Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch, in partnership with Emmy and Academy Award-winning Scout Productions, will premiere a one-hour special, Coming Out 2020, on Friday, October 9 on the Facebook App Page, hosted by music superstar Demi Lovato and fashion designer Tan France . Lovato and France will be joined by LGBTQ+ activists, allies, entertainers and others from around the world, sharing stories about their coming out journeys, and providing advice and messages of support.

Amplifying LGBTQ+ Voices

We’ll share a series of stories on Facebook and Instagram, about coming out in unique environments and situations. On the Facebook app Facebook Page, we’ll share content featuring LGBTQ+ Groups that are creating a sense of belonging, support and community for their members.

We’ll also link to relevant resources for the LGBTQ+ community in our posts across our channels including: /Facebook, @Facebook, /Facebookapp, @Instagram and /LGBTQ.

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