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More Control and Context in News Feed

Control What You ShareToday we’re introducing a new tool to give you more control over what you share to News Feed by managing who can comment on your public posts.Control What You SeeWe recently launched Favorites, a new tool where you can control and pri...

Pub: Apr 12, 2021 by J. Doe
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Our Steps to Protect State Elections in India

Today, with elections ongoing across Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam, Kerala and Puducherry, we are setting out further information on the measures that we are implementing to support and protect these important elections. Based on lessons we’ve learned fro...

Pub: Apr 7, 2021 by J. Doe
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Changes to Keep Facebook Groups Safe

It’s important to us that people can discover and engage safely with Facebook groups so that they can connect with others around shared interests and life experiences. That’s why we’ve taken action to curb the spread of harmful content, like hate speech an...

Pub: Mar 28, 2021 by J. Doe
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Our Commitment to Human Rights

More and more, human rights are exercised — and violated — online. Billions of people enjoy freedom of expression, access to information and the right to education in the digital space. But they can also experience hate speech, bullying and harassment and ...

Pub: Mar 27, 2021 by J. Doe
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Saving Callum: Supporting Life-Saving Communities

When Beth had her son Callum, she turned to Facebook Groups for camaraderie and support as she embarked on her motherhood journey. What she never expected — was this new-found community would connect her with Andrea, a fellow community member who would soo...

Pub: Mar 23, 2021 by J. Doe
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Helping Content Creators Diversify Revenue on Facebook

Content creators — digipubs, video creators, gaming creators, media companies, cultural institutions, businesses of all sizes and more — build vibrant communities on Facebook We want them to have the tools and support they need to earn money and thrive, w...

Pub: Mar 19, 2021 by J. Doe
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Bean Voyage

In 2014, my co-founder Abhinav and I went to Costa Rica. That was the first time we learned about the injustice that existed in the coffee industry. I think that’s what led us to kind of start thinking, is there anything we could do?It’s that question that...

Pub: Mar 17, 2021 by J. Doe
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A Kids Book About Racism

A Kids Book About is a book collection tackling important, empowering and challenging topics — from racism to cancer to bullying — that can be difficult for parents to explain to children. The creator of the series put them on Instagram and the response wa...

Pub: Mar 5, 2021 by J. Doe
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Facebook’s Response to the Oversight Board’s First Set of Recommendations

In January, the Oversight Board published decisions on their first set of cases, which we immediately implemented. The board also published recommendations covering 17 areas where Facebook could improve its content moderation.In addition to the Oversight B...

Pub: Mar 5, 2021 by J. Doe
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Single Moms Indonesia

When Maureen got divorced, she felt alone. She started “Single Moms Indonesia” as a way of finding solidarity during this difficult time.She recently became one of the first Certified Community Managers on Facebook, passing through a program and an exam.

Pub: Feb 24, 2021 by J. Doe
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An Update on the Situation in Myanmar

Following the military coup in Myanmar on February 1, the situation on the ground remains volatile and Facebook is adapting to meet these events.Second, protect freedom of expression for the tens of millions of Myanmar citizens who rely on Facebook now mor...

Pub: Feb 21, 2021 by J. Doe
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Facebook News Will Help Sustain Quality Journalism

This piece originally appeared in The Telegraph.The internet has disrupted long-established business models in all sorts of industries, but there are few where its impact has raised more profound questions for society than the news industry. But when adver...

Pub: Feb 9, 2021 by J. Doe
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Increasing Transparency Around US 2020 Elections Ads

Today we are announcing two efforts to increase transparency for ads about social issues, elections and politics run on Facebook and Instagram during the US 2020 elections.While our Ad Library provides industry-leading transparency for social issue, electo...

Pub: Feb 2, 2021 by J. Doe
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Referring Former President Trump’s Suspension From Facebook to the Oversight Board

Today, Facebook is referring its decision to indefinitely suspend former US President Donald Trump’s access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts to the independent Oversight Board. The board was established last year to make the final call on some of the...

Pub: Jan 31, 2021 by J. Doe
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Using AI to Improve Photo Descriptions for People Who Are Blind and Visually Impaired

When Facebook users scroll through their News Feed, they find all kinds of content — articles, friends’ comments, event invitations, and of course, photos. Most people are able to instantly see what’s in these images, whether it’s their new grandchild, a b...

Pub: Jan 29, 2021 by J. Doe
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