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Published 2 years ago

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Creative Assembly partners with NetEase

Leading UK game developer Creative Assembly partners with NetEase to bring Total War series to China

NetEase, Inc. has secured rights to publish the franchise’s award-winning historical catalogue up to and including the wildly successful Total WarTM: THREE KINGDOMS.

In addition, the announcement included a tease for the upcoming Total War: Elysium, a brand-new collectable card game targeting an initial release on PC and mobile in China.

Total War, one of the key pillars of the SEGA business, is one of the most successful and influential strategy franchises of all time, mixing massed battle gameplay with deep tactical and strategic elements.

Tim Heaton, Creative Assembly Studio Director and EVP of SEGA Studios, said: For nearly two decades, the Total War franchise has been a leader in the strategy games genre, thanks to its trademark gameplay and a focus on authenticity. We are excited to bring the historical titles of the franchise to the Chinese market where we have already seen a huge appetite for Total War. Our partnership with NetEase is an ideal pairing with our shared mission for bringing quality gameplay experiences to our passionate fans across the globe.

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