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Creative Chronicles: Character Art

Creative Chronicles brings together key insights, information and statistics from the experts at Creative Assembly We hope this will inspire students and those considering a career in game development.

This edition of Creative Chronicles focuses on Character Art . Character artists need not only be industry-leading sculptors and modellers, but they need to understand how to properly adhere to the technical limitations placed upon them by modern game engines.

A good character artist needs to understand the technical aspects of the role. This can include bug fixing, vast knowledge of tools and software to troubleshoot problems, proper normal map generation and baking theory, deep understanding of the preferred game engine, and keeping an organised workspace/file repository.


On Total War, we focus on anatomy, cloth, hard surface armour and weapons and creatures. It’s crucial to us as a studio that our artists take creative ownership and accountability for each character they produce, with our character artists being responsible from initial sculpt all the way through to implementation in the game.

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Character Art Tutorial : The Art of Total War: Warhammer | Creative Assembly and BAFTA Games


Jun 20, 2019 by Creative Assembly


Join our developers, Danny Sweeney and Jas Dhatt, for a BAFTA Games livestream (originally aired on 3 June 2019) looking at creating fantasy characters and creatures in Total War: WARHAMMER.
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