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Creative Chronicles: The Designer and Programmer Pipeline

Creative Chronicles brings together key insights, information and statistics from the experts at Creative Assembly We hope this will inspire students and those considering a career in game development.

In this video, recorded live at EGX Rezzed 2019, we look at the pipeline between designers and programmers. The designers will be on the project from pre-production until the very end, first fleshing out the ideas, then implementing a huge chunk of them in the database. Programmers will be consulting with the designers in pre-production to make sure the designs are feasible within technology and time constraints but will only come on actively at the start of production.

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Video provided by Creative Assembly.


The Designer and Programmer Pipeline – EGX Rezzed Panel 2019 | Creative Assembly


May 15, 2019 by Creative Assembly

We gather the greatest talent out there, coming together to craft authentic and detailed experiences of the highest quality.
Creative Assembly is about the right people making the best games.
Established in 1987, Creative Assembly is one of the oldest and largest UK game developers with over 500 talented staff across state-of-the-art studios in West Sussex, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria.
We owe this to our team of world-class, diverse and multi-national creatives, who unite to craft some of the most renowned gaming experiences, giving our loyal fans worlds in which to immerse themselves.