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Solving the tangled web around app innovation

Cloud-based apps have revolutionized the business world, with services, capabilities, and flexibility that would have been hard to imagine a few short years ago. But they’ve also created a complex web of problems.

Apps need to be developed faster than ever before — in a constant cycle of evolution and deployment — to meet the ever-changing demands of customers, users, and unpredictable markets. Rather than the old model of “monolithic” apps residing in an on-prem data center, we now have highly distributed applications that reside in different public and private clouds, all connected by a vast array of APIs. And amid this speed and complexity, security and visibility can become an afterthought — all as the gap between app velocity and infrastructure response times widens.

Meantime, the complexity and challenges only promise to increase as the sheer volume of applications continues to surge.

From monolithic to cloud native — a bridge

It includes mesh and connectivity software services that allow for the discoverability, consumption, data-flow connectivity and real-time observability of distributed modern applications.

And the portfolio extends to security services that detect, scan, observe, score and secure APIs (internal or 3rd party), while simultaneously ensuring real-time compliance reporting and integrations with existing development, deployment, and operating toolchains

Among the advantages:

And to ensure that that future is as fast and innovative as customers demand, application teams need full confidence in the underlying architectures, their observability, and their security.

With our latest innovations, Cisco is helping customers reimagine apps, from idea to deployment, and with security and connectivity throughout.

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