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The future of work, phase two: what to expect

Speaking in a Cisco Live keynote address, Robbins established an important theme for the event: Despite the hardships and tragedies of the past year, CIOs, business leaders, and workers are looking to a future that will be more flexible, inclusive, and secure than ever before.

That’s because, when the pandemic arrived, the future of work came with it.

The old normal is gone forever

As new ways of working extended across industries over the past year, a higher level of empathy — along with better communication and transparency — entered company cultures.

“In my role I saw a need from our employees for us to focus on well-being at a greater level than we ever have before,” Fran Katsoudas, Cisco’s EVP and chief people, policy and purpose officer, said in an appearance at the CNBC@Work Summit. And I think the other big ah-ha was that they were coming to us to get their questions answered on COVID, and they wanted to hear from their company. It really created a new discussion with us for our people.

And its key to enabling technology to do what it does best: unleashing the full power of human talent and potential. As Katsoudas said, “we believe that digital can humanize the enterprise.”

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