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A desert city turns to Cisco for safe, secure water

When hackers threatened the water supply in Oldsmar, Fla., last month, it highlighted the critical importance of these utilities — along with their placement in the cross hairs of cybercriminals around the world.

“Since Florida, a lot of folks have become aware that this very possibly could happen to their utilities,” said Sielen Namdar, Cisco’s global water business lead. “And the last thing utilities want is to endanger the public.”

Unfortunately, too many water utilities depend on backward technologies, with little visibility into just what is happening in their networks or physical infrastructures.

Fast responses for real-time problems

The Cisco teams supported a complete network refresh and added key solutions like Cisco Cyber Vision, an asset inventory and threat detection tool for industrial control systems that gives both IT and OT teams intuitive and clear visibility into all that’s happening. With Cyber Vision embedded in the industrial network equipment providing constant, automated monitoring of Albuquerque’s networks and physical infrastructure, teams are quickly informed when anything goes awry.

“You can drill down into the network,” Sanders said.

Digital solutions for a thirsty planet

“Water utilities and other critical infrastructure entities choose to partner with Cisco because we’re constantly innovating on the latest and greatest solutions,” she said. And when we deploy a solution, it’s not over. We constantly upgrade, to make sure that our customers are ready for the more sophisticated hacks that will be coming.

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