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True visibility from user to application

Today’s business and IT realities demand a digital-first model. That’s why more and more of our customers are accelerating towards remote-work infrastructures, cloud-first solutions, and workloads that are closer to users and devices.

In this modern architecture, where cloud-based applications and services have become the de facto method of how services are delivered and consumed, end-to-end visibility into the supply chain that impacts the digital experience has become mission critical.

As organizations gain agility, IT has lost visibility

While the cloud is an essential enabler of agility and scale, the third-party performance that IT teams now rely on as they transition to as-a-service solutions causes them to lose that critical ability to visualize, predict, and control operational behavior.

ThousandEyes’ technology is all about expanding that visibility, and that’s the power we’re putting in the hands of our customers. Legacy monitoring systems simply cannot see past an organization’s four walls, but ThousandEyes’ technology combines network and application synthetic monitoring, end user experience monitoring, BGP route feeds, and Internet and cloud outage detection to track performance data and quickly get to the root cause of downtime.

Internet intelligence technology is the path forward

As the pandemic has shown, digital agility is everything. Cloud-based apps and as-a-service solutions enable more and more organizations to scale fast and adapt to sudden challenges, as well as opportunities.

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