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If these walls could talk: What smart buildings can tell us

Cisco has long been in the smart building game, though our customers have largely been focused on achieving their green energy and sustainability goals. However, smart buildings are taking on a whole new set of use cases.

Safely back to work

With smart buildings, the company aims to enable a safe return to the office with things like capacity level visibility and intelligent touchless experiences. [See__also: CIO__Insights__6:__VP__of__IT__Bailey__Szeto__talks__return__to__office]

Cut costs and keep it sustainable

Cisco network-based monitoring and control of temperature, lighting, air quality, and other ambient characteristics can significantly reduce costs for the company, improve occupant satisfaction, and ensures less energy is being used.

With Cisco, utilities like water, power, and gas meets the 4th utility—internet and network management. The converged 4th utility with a unified IT/OT managed network helps IT managers quickly find and isolate issues, whether HVAC, temperature, lighting, or more.

Smart buildings at the center

In the venn diagram of green energy and a safe return to work, smart buildings sit right at the center. Cisco smart buildings can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create a touchless and intelligent workspace, and it can all be reprogrammed as needs change in the future.

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