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Innovation and community: Networking skills flourish in groups

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People are also the key to creating innovation and new business value on top of these networks. Innovation has yet to be automated. You cannot, however, force an innovation mindset onto people.

DevNet Certification: The one-year review

In February of 2020, DevNet launched its first certification program, joining Cisco’s well-established CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certifications for network professionals. DevNet provides certifications as well as courses to prepare people for exams. After one year, DevNet has issued certifications to more than 8,000 people; more than 11,000 people have taken DevNet courses.

Wee says that the next year of DevNet will offer more courseware and more certifications targeted at enhancing developer skills for networking professionals.

Adaptation and evolution

Not everyone is quick to embrace this mindset, however, Brad Haas, Director of Services of Cloud, DevOps, and Automation for Presidio, says that some of his customers worry about automation.

But he says the reality is that automation allows an expansion of responsibility and opportunity, not a diminishment. “It’s about removing friction, getting more business value out of your team and your infrastructure.” Haas says his company has seen, “about 94% growth in sales related to automation services.” Change is clearly profitable.

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