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The wireless future — ‘smarter, better, and faster’

From smart factories and hospitals to connecting communities on the wrong side of the digital divide, 5G is not just about faster video downloads on smart phones (not that we don’t want that).

But what is the current state of 5G — and the other key next-gen wireless technology, Wi-Fi 6 — and how can organizations prepare for the benefits? And just what can we expect when these technologies — with their higher speeds, wider bandwidths, and lower latencies — begin to fully impact our lives, work and industries?

There are a lot of commercial use cases like smart factories and warehouses with IoT, and also large military bases. But we’ve also been working with 5G in the UK to extend connectivity to those who are still unconnected, and there’s potential on Native American lands as well. It’s about raising everyone’s boats simultaneously.

A future-proof, 5G city

The city had previously contended with a patchwork of separate networks for different entities and municipalities, all of which compounded issues around communications, reliability, and security.

“We were able to partner with Cisco,” he said at the Cisco-led roundtable, to set up the platform to replace that Frankenstein network. And now we are adding really exciting applications so we can have more secure and reliable control of our water system. We’re using artificial intelligence to optimize our traffic management.

‘Fiber in the air’

At the Economist roundtable, Vaiheeswaran referred to these next-gen wireless technologies as “fiber in the air,” citing their potential to bring super-fast, ultra-low-latency connections to new places and applications.

But although we will have lower latency and higher speed, it’s not only about the technology. It’s also about the way we work. There will be a possibility for democratizing hiring opportunities. I think we’ve only seen the start of that.

‘Bringing people together’

“I really see a lot of good things happening with 5G and Wi-Fi 6,” he said. “I see the market expanding, and I see a lot more people getting connected. It’s going to be a great journey, for all of us.”

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