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The neurodivergent digital divide

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2019, 79 percent of adults with disabilities are not in the labor force.

Jax’s story

Jax Hahn says that as a person with autism, his learning experiences in high school taught him how to operate within the world as opposed to the world learning how to operate with him.

Understanding is the first step

We often think about the digital divide as affecting those living in poverty or in remote areas, which it most certainly does. COVID-19 has shed a glaring light on how crucial connectivity is for education, work, healthcare services, and seeing loved ones, and the divide between those who can access and those who cannot is a gap that needs to be bridged. Whether because of accessibility, affordability, digital literacy, or disability, Cisco believes no one should be barred from universal internet access.

I like being me

Exceptional Academy is one of 11,800 learning institutions worldwide that uses the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum to help people develop skills in IT, networking, and cybersecurity. Networking Academy is licensed free of charge to learning institutions, and more than 12.6 million people in 180 countries have participated in the program since 1997.

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